Bergamot – My skin loves you!

I received Bergamot 2 days ago. I suffer frequently from eczema and swelling of the skin on my face. I ordered Bergamot from doTerra because it has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. I have also always loved the mild citrus fragrance of Bergamot. Just after 2 days of mixing one drop in the moisturizer I normally use, I saw and […]

Wild Orange Essential Oil – Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Wild Orange essential oil from doTerra is offered to help with the immune system and as a mood elevator. We just received our Wild Orange and I’ve already had an amazing result with it. My five year old daughter has just started kindergarten. She did not go to Pre-school, so the experience is very […]

Our First Oils – Lavender and Peppermint

I am a Reiki Master and practice Reiki at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette Colorado. A dear friend of mine is a doTerra consultant. DoTerra creates high-end, therapeutic grade, essential oils. We began a trade where I gave her Reiki session in trade for doTerra oils. My first oils were Peppermint and Lavender. Lavender and Peppermint […]

Hello world!

I started using essential oils regularly 4 weeks ago. I use them on myself and my children. We have had so many amazingly positive results, that I am starting this blog to share the wonder of essential oils! We have seen success with aches and pains, injuries, bad moods and restless nights….and more. I’ll share our stories […]