Wild Orange Essential Oil – Happy Happy Joy Joy

The Wild Orange essential oil from doTerra is offered to help with the immune system and as a mood elevator. We just received our Wild Orange and I’ve already had an amazing result with it.

My five year old daughter has just started kindergarten. She did not go to Pre-school, so the experience is very new for her. Yesterday after school she was obviously tired, but also extremely agitated, angry and really just mean. I put a couple drops of Wild Orange essential oil on my hand, had her smell it and then rubbed it on her upper chest so she could continue to smell the lovely sweet fragrance. In minutes, (and I mean one or two!), she was calm and speaking in sweet polite tones. She continued with this pleasant behavior through the afternoon and until bedtime. I was stunned and shocked to see such a dramatic shift in her mood and behavior. I am so so grateful for the introduction of these oils into our family’s life!

We are also using the Wild Orange oil combined with Cinnamon oil for their antiseptic properties. I diffuse the oils in the main rooms of our daycare home. I just started this, so I’m not sure what the results will be for fighting off their little germies….I’ll keep you posted.


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